• Minesweeper

    How to win Minesweeper

    Have you ever tried to beat the Minesweeper game? I bet you did, but failed as most of us. You understand the concept of the game but you just can’t win it. You will be shocked, but I found a way of solving minesweeper. I have never lost a game since I started to use this method. It works like a charm.


    Step 1: Nuts and Bolts



    Before I show you my method, you need to understand the basics of the game and how the game actually works. Some people might think that the game mechanic is so complicated, but it’s not true, it’s actually very simply. When you click on the square field, you get a number around, which describes the number of mines that are surrounding that square field. Whenever you find the mine, you can click on the “unopened” squares around it and it will open more areas.

    Note: “unopened” square means unclicked, and “open” is the clicked square.

    Step 2: The Strategy


    The Strategy is quite simple:

    When you start the game you should click on the four squares in the corner it will open up most of the blocks in the field (around 95% of the time).

    It is obvious that on the lower right corner of the field will be mines, mark them all. You can see eight “1”s around an unopened square, of course it’s a mine.

    After that you can start looking for mines hidden around other numbers.

    Step 3: Tips & Hints


    – If you click simultaneously left and right buttons of your mouse over the number that already has its mine(s) found, it will open all of the blocks surrounding it. Mainly you can use it to save your time, so you don’t have to click everything around. As soon as you found all of the mines around that number, just click the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously and enjoy.

    – If you find some mines in “1” blocks it will help you a lot, because it will open many squares and give you a better view for “2”s and “3”s.

    – Watch out, only open those blocks that you hundred percent sure are safe.
    – You will have to practice for a while until you get the drill. In around 10 games you will be able to complete any game with good time results.