• Useful Skype Tips & Tricks That Everybody Should Know

    Skype was founded in 2003 and it has turned into a general type of conversation for many people out there.  A large number of users use Skype for discussions through text messages, video and voice calls at no cost whatsoever. You can even call cellphones and landline numbers for very little charge.

    Regardless the latest approach of Google Hangouts, skype is still favored among users for voice and video calling. To give you a better view of Skype, we have made some interesting tips and tricks relevant to Skype. Maybe you will be able to find even more interesting features on your own.

    Backup and Transfer Your Skype Account Contacts

    It is quite easy to back up all of your contacts in one Skype account to be moved into an alternative account. To perform that, simply go to the main window of Skype and click on “Contacts”, then select “Advanced” and lastly click on “Backup Contacts to File”.  It will create a .vcf file that you can save on your hard drive.

    After that, you will have to sign into the alternative Skype account where you need to transfer all of those contacts into. When you are logged in, click on “Contacts”, then select “Advanced” and lastly click on “Restore Contacts from File” which is precisely can be found underneath “Reinforcement Contacts to File”.


    Edit Your Last Sent Message

    Imagine that you have sent a text message which contains some grammatical error or just a mistake and you want to edit that message and resend it once more? You can easily do this by hitting the Up Arrow Key on your keyboard. The last message that you have sent prior will show up. Simply edit it as you like and resent the edited message by hitting Enter key.


    Call immediately to your Skype Contacts

    You can simply make calls to your Skype Contacts by double clicking on them straight from Skype Contacts List. To do this, go to the main window of Skype and click on “Tools” and then “Options”. After that, go to “General Settings” and select the checkbox stating “When I double-click on a contact start a call”.

    Notice, that this will confine you from opening the Instant Messenger Window straightforwardly by double clicking on a contact.


    Hide Moving Pencil

    When you are talking on skype with somebody via text messages, you may see a moving pencil when the other user is typing a message for you. Obviously, this feature works both ways, so your partner sees a moving pencil when you type something.  If you don’t want to be conscious of whether your partner is writing or not, you can really turn this feature off.

    To hide the writing pencil, go to the main Skype window and click on “Tools”, then select “Options and go to the “IM & SMS”. After that, click on the “IM Settings” and then “Show Advanced Options”.  At last, unselect the check box saying “Show when I am typing”.


    How to clear your Chat History & Define the time frame for storing it

    If you want to clear your entire chat history on skype or just define the time period for storing the chat history, you can do it easily. So, to clear up all of your chat history simply go to the main Skype window and click on “Tools” and then “Options”. After that go to the “IM & SMS” settings and click on the “IM Settings” and “Show Advanced Options”.  Here you may see a “Clear History” button as well as the time period for storing it. Click on the time period and you will see a drop down menu list with the time frame that you can select.

    Attention, once you click on the “Clear History” button you will lose all of your chat messages and history of calls that have occurred in past discussions with your Skype contacts.


    Discover more than 25 Hidden Emoticons & Smileys

    If you didn’t know, there is a big collection of emoticons and smileys that you will not find in the standard set of emoticons for Skype, yet you can use them. To be able to use those hidden emoticons and smileys you will have to remember their short codes. They keywords (from left to right) are composed to generate smileys (from left to right). Notice that each short code is encapsulated within a ().


    Below you will find a short list of the hidden emoticons and smileys .

    Poolparty – (poolparty)

    Talking – (talk)

    Headbang – (headbang)

    Drunk – (drunk)

    Toivo – (toivo)

    Bug – (bug)

    Broken heart – (u)

    Mail – (e) (m)

    Skype – (skype)

    Smoking – (smoking) / (smoke) (ci)