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    11 Useful Tricks for anyone who use Dropbox service

    Wondering what is Dropbox? Well, it is a very popular, absolutely free storage service for your files and much more. You can easily host your own website on your Dropbox account. Also, Dropbox is old and reliable service, proven by time and millions of users worldwide. The fact that it’s an absolutely free service you should go and sign up for standard account. You will not regret it for sure.

    Dropbox is a very powerful; unfortunately most of the users don’t make full use of its services, however we are here to teach you some tricks that you didn’t know about Dropbox.

    1. How to get more storage space on Dropbox, for free.


    Dropbox stores your files on their servers. You know that server rental is not cheap, however Dropbox provides you with 2 GB of free space. You can get more free space by upgrading your account to business or Pro version which will cost you some bucks, but you can also get more space for free.

    To get more free space you will need to refer some friends (you will get 1 GB of space per friend, and you can refer up to 32 friends which will give you plus 32GB of free space), also you may follow Dropbox team on Twitter and connect your Facebook and Twitter account(that will give you 125 MB each)

    2. Easily share Big Files and Folders with your friends.

    Have you ever wanted to send a big file to your friend via email? You have probably faced all of those limitations and frustrations. But with the Dropbox service you will forget about that, you will be able to share anything with anyone by just adding your files and folders to your Dropbox folder and sharing the link.

    Simply right click on a file in your public Dropbox folder, and select “Copy Public Link”. After that you can send that link to anyone with who you want to share that file.

    You can even create group folders and collaborate with your friends or partners. Simply create the folder in the Dropbox and invite others to share it. If you open the file in the shared folder and edit it, it will be updated between every participants’ folder.

    3. Dropbox as delivery system for sales.

    You can easily use the Dropbox service to deliver some mp3 files, images or ebooks that you sold on eBay or any other e-commerce platform.

    For example, you are writer and you have a blog with a brief description of your e-books. Some users from other country are interested in buying your e-book. So, you sell them. After receiving the payment you can upload your book to Dropbox and give the link to the buyer so he can download it for himself.

    It’s a perfect solution if you don’t want to spend some money to build your own e-commerce website with hosting service for your books or other files.

    4. You can use Dropbox to easily access your files, wherever you are.


    Have you ever wanted to have all of your files with you in any time? Now you can make your dream come true with Dropbox. You can access all of your files on any device. The Mobile Dropbox is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle. You will have an access to your files no matter where you are.

    So, to access your personal files from Mobile Dropbox anywhere you just need to copy those files to Dropbox and they will be available on any mobile device. Just drop your files to the Dropbox folder on your computer and they will be visible on your smartphone, iPad and Kindle.

    Also, you can send your files to third-party computer by using the Send to Dropbox feature which combines email and Dropbox. You will receive a unique email address to where you can send all of your files to Dropbox. All of those files will be placed at Dropbox/Apps/Attachments.

    5. Backup your personal important data with Dropbox.

    As we all know, backup is a very important process to save your important data. Unexpected things may happen and your computer will crash, and you will lose everything you had stored on it. Don’t worry, Dropbox can save all of your personal files on the cloud service and you will never lose them, unless you delete them from Dropbox by yourself. Also, some applications will back up to Dropbox automatically, so you may check your apps to see whether there is a Back Up to Dropbox option or not.

    6. Use Dropbox as photo storage.

    One more useful feature of Dropbox is that you can use it to store and manage your photos. Any image file saved to Dropbox will appear in an image archive, sorted by date. You will be able to create photo albums and share some desired pictures with your friends and family.

    If you want to use the image stored in your albums on the Web you can simply drag the image into your public folder and get the link of it.

    A quick tip: we recommend you to create various sub-folders in your public folder to manage images, otherwise your public folder will be a mess.

    7. Host your website on Dropbox.


    Have you ever thought that you can host your personal website in Dropbox? We have good news for you, it can be easily done with Pancake.io. You can create and host a super quick website and you don’t have to worry about domain names and other additional charges. Pancake.io also supports popular file extensions such as doc, docx (MS Office documents), pdf and image extensions.

    8. Use Dropbox service to store all of your documents at one place.

    You will be able to access all of your documents no matter where you are. Simply create documents folder in Dropbox and configure it as your default documents folder between all of your computers. You might need to get extra storage space if you have a lot of documents, but it’s no problem if you refer some friends to the Dropbox service.

    Below, in the tip number 10 you will find information about Selective Sync. It comes handy if you are using computers with small storage space.

    9. Now you can sync your iTunes library between your home and work computers.

    You can play your favorite music and videos everywhere by syncing your iTunes library with Dropbox.

    To be able to listen your music from iTunes library simply move it to a folder in Dropbox. After that, just hold down the Shift key on your keyboard when you start iTunes.  iTunes will automatically prompt you to select the new location of your library, browse to your Dropbox folder and you will be done.

    10. Save some space on small hard drives with Selective Sync feature.

    If your computer has small hard drive space, turn on Selective Sync. It will let you to choose which folders you want to be synced to your computer. This option can be accessed if you go to Preferences, click on Advanced and then Change Settings. Now you can select which folders will be synced to the computer that you are using.

    11. Back up your favorite apps to Dropbox.

    Most of the apps, particularly the ones that work between multiple devices, will backup themselves to Dropbox, if you select Dropbox as your default backup location. You can set up the default backup locations in the preferences and settings of your applications if they support that feature.

    I have tried to backup two of mine favorite apps called Scrivener and Password and it worked like a charm.

    Hope my tricks will enhance your digital life.